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The editors of InfoMigrator Tricity are:

Tomasz Nowicki – philosophy graduate; currently a PhD of the Faculty of Social Sciences University of Gdańsk working in the field of Pedagogy and Political Sciences. The author of “Badanie ku zmianie. Integracja i opró romskich rodzin wobec polityki wysiedleń (Pedagogika Społeczna2015 (R. XIV) | 1(55) | 207-243).” A scholar particularly concerned with animal studies, pop culture, economical migration and post-humanism. Cooperator of Immigrant Support Centre and Other Space Foundation. Editor of InfoMigrator Tricity. Member of a team responsible for the Model of Integration of Romani People in Gdansk. He’s been working with Romani diasporas in Gdansk since 2014.

Konrad Fertliński – Polish-English translator and the administrator of the English version of Info Migrator Website. Teacher and musician engaged in multiculturalism and human rights.

We are open for cooperation and people willing to help with the website are welcome to contact us via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..